About Us

BuildurBricks is run by a small but enthusiastic team that aims to offer you and your children the best toy rental experience in the country. We want to try and revolutionise how parents spend on kids toys.
Subscribe with us, add your favourite toys to rent into your Build list and we will do the rest. You can rent LEGO® sets for a fraction of the price you spend every month on new ones. It is that simple. Imagine, not only will you be spending  a lot lesser on buying new LEGO® , but also you won’t stack up sets that your child doesn’t want to play with.

Our Story

BuildurBricks was an idea that came up after seeing a friend’s lounge, who has two children. There were LEGO®  bricks all over the place from various sets, that wasn’t used in months but no where to go. They spent a fortune monthly on buying new LEGO® sets. This made us think what if we can help parents rent instead of them buying a new set every time. Hence BuildurBricks was born.

Join us on a BURB ride and spend less

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