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Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the UK is now a rapidly changing and uncertain landscape. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every avenue of our lives and altered the way we live—therefore we’ve been changing how we work to help us all manage as best we can during an uncertain time.

In order to minimize exposure to our staff , we are not accepting any new order at the moment and hoping to resume our services soon after COVID -19 is settled down.

What do I receive in the box?

We package and deliver LEGO® sets as per your build list which includes everything to build your set.  We also include a Brick separator in each box to make your build easy and safe. Please note that stickers are not included as bricks get damaged during cleaning.The build instruction and return labels will be sent to your email with all details.

Do I receive the original Build Instructions booklet?

Build instruction booklets are not sent out with the regular sets because (a) they can be heavy and therefore increase the postage costs, and (b) they become scruffy and torn very easily, and we don’t want our Members to receive them in poor condition.  Instead we send you a link (within your dispatch confirmation email) to find the build instructions online where they can be downloaded quickly.  However, we do send the original build instructions with the Big Sets as these can be too big to download easily online. Follow this link to find the build instructions and enter the Lego set number.

Do the bricks come sorted into their numbered bags?

No, the bricks aren’t sorted into their original numbered bags as this would be too onerous to administer each time a set was rented and would therefore make the service more expensive. If it helps, we suggest sorting the bricks into colours before you start building.

How often are the sets cleaned?

We are well aware how important this is to you. Our sets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised every time before it is sent to a customer. Our cleaning process ensures 99% of germs are removed.

How much does the subscription cost?

We have 3 different subscription plans to choose from. Our starter plan is at £11.99 a month(1 set a month) for basic sets. Starter plus is at £22.99 (two sets a month one at a time) for medium complexity sets and Pro plan cost £24.99 (one set a month) for Advance sets. Please note that, only one Lego set is sent at a time for starter plus plan (this is to avoid bricks getting mixed up and takes a lot of our time to sort them)

Do I pay for postage and delivery?

We ship the sets free of cost both ways. You just pay the monthly subscription and no additional fees included.

How does the Build list work?

Once you have registered with BuildurBricks, choose the sets from your plan you want us to send. We suggest you add minimum 20 sets in your list so we can send one of them as soon as possible.

What if pieces are missing when I receive the set?

This is unlikely because every set is inventory-checked before being dispatched. But if it does happen then let us know straight away by email ( so we can send you replacement parts. Remember, we want to make sure that all our Members have a great build experience, so please be sure to tell us if something’s not right.

Can I upgrade to a different plan?

Yes. You can move to any plan from your current plan through the account page on the website. We will automatically upgrade you from the start of your next billing month.

What if I lose a piece?

Don’t worry – we know it happens! That’s why we don’t make a charge for replacing up to 3 small missing LEGO® pieces. If more than 3 small pieces per set are lost, we have to make a standard replacement charge of £3.00. Lost LEGO® Minifigures, LEGO® animals or creatures, and larger pieces of LEGO® are charged at cost plus P&P because these can be expensive to replace. Please refer to the Terms & Privacy Policy for more information.

How long can I keep a set?

Keep the set as long as you want and let us know if it’s more than a month? If your child or yourself really love it and want to keep it, you can buy it from us for a discounted price.

Can i buy a gift card / Coupon?

You can buy gift cards from us through this link . We have various options for you to choose. Click on the corresponding gift option and follow instructions to payment. You will receive a confirmation with a coupon code to your registered email. You can redeem this yourself or send this to gift recipient.

How do I redeem a gift card / Coupon?

Redeeming your gift card/coupon is just a few clicks. Note the subscription plan that you have been gifted. Goto the pricing page – and click signup on the corresponding plan. Copy your gift code and apply coupon. Register your details with delivery address and add favourite toys to your buildlist. We will ship your first box rightaway.

How secure is my payment?

Our Direct debit monthly subscriptions and gift card payments are processed via Stripe.

Payments via Stripe are protected with very high encryption technology which is commercially available. You can be assured that your credit card and account details will never be exposed and we focus heavily on protecting the details of our customers. Please see links below for detailed security info. Stripe Security.

How do I cancel my membership?

We hope this wouldn’t happen but if you want to cancel its easy. Just go to your account and cancel the membership.


1.Login to your account
2.Click on my account
3.view last order number
4.cancel the subscription

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